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Everyone loves ice cream, but have you ever thought of turning that love into a career? Cold Stone Creamery is a favorite destination for delightful frozen treats, but it’s also a place that offers exciting employment opportunities. With a welcoming environment and various job positions, Cold Stone could be the beginning of something sweet for you. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the Cold Stone age requirement for different positions, benefits of working there, and more.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Work at Cold Stone?

Cold Stone Age Requirement

Cold Stone and 13-Year-Olds: Is it a Perfect Match?

While enthusiasm for ice cream knows no age, when it comes to hiring 13-year-olds, Cold Stone generally does not employ them in most locations. Certain areas might allow this under specific conditions, but it’s typically uncommon.

Starting Early: Can 14-Year-Olds Work at Cold Stone?

For 14-year-olds, opportunities might open up in specific locations like Bakersfield, California, where local labor laws may permit this. It’s always a good idea to check with the local store for precise details.

Joining at 15: What are the Options?

15-year-olds may find opportunities in certain cities like Charleston, South Carolina. However, there may be restrictions on work hours and roles, so contacting your nearest location would be wise.

Sweet 16 and Ready to Serve: Cold Stone Age Requirement

Yes, 16-year-olds can work at Cold Stone, with this being the standard minimum age at most locations.

Almost an Adult: Opportunities for 17-Year-Olds

At 17, many more roles become available, and the restrictions are often less stringent.

Experienced and Ready: What about 50-Year-Olds?

Cold Stone values experience and maturity. Applicants who are 50 can find opportunities in various positions without any age-related constraints.

Is 60 Too Late to Start?

60-year-olds are welcomed at Cold Stone. The company believes in providing opportunities for everyone, regardless of age.

Job Positions at Cold Stone

Cold Stone Job Positions

Certainly! Let’s take a closer look at some of the main job positions available at Cold Stone Creamery, detailing the age requirement, qualifications, typical pay, and roles.

  1. Scooper

  • Age Requirement: 16+
  • Qualification: No specific qualifications required, but a friendly attitude and willingness to learn are essential.
  • Typical Pay: $8-$10 per hour
  • Role: The scooper’s role involves serving customers, preparing ice cream concoctions on the stone, maintaining cleanliness, and ensuring a positive customer experience.
  1. Shift Manager

  • Age Requirement: 18+
  • Qualification: Previous experience in food service is preferred; strong leadership and organizational skills are necessary.
  • Typical Pay: $10-$13 per hour
  • Role: Shift managers oversee the crew during specific shifts, managing schedules, handling customer issues, and maintaining operational standards.
  1. Store Manager

  • Age Requirement: 21+
  • Qualification: A bachelor’s degree is preferred, along with experience in management.
  • Typical Pay: $30,000-$40,000 per year
  • Role: Store managers are responsible for the overall operations of the store, including staffing, training, budgeting, inventory management, and ensuring overall customer satisfaction.
  1. Assistant Manager

  • Age Requirement: 18+
  • Qualification: Previous experience in a leadership role; understanding of store operations.
  • Typical Pay: $25,000-$30,000 per year
  • Role: The assistant manager helps the store manager in various responsibilities, including employee training, inventory control, and customer relations.
  1. Crew Leader

  • Age Requirement: 16+
  • Qualification: Experience in customer service; ability to lead a small team.
  • Typical Pay: $9-$11 per hour
  • Role: Crew leaders help train new employees, coordinate tasks during shifts, and ensure the crew maintains quality service.
  1. Cake Decorator

  • Age Requirement: 16+
  • Qualification: Artistic ability; experience with cake decorating is a plus.
  • Typical Pay: $10-$14 per hour
  • Role: Cake decorators create visually appealing and delicious ice cream cakes, following Cold Stone’s standards and custom customer requests.
  1. District Manager

  • Age Requirement: 25+
  • Qualification: Bachelor’s degree in business or related field, experience in multi-unit management.
  • Typical Pay: $60,000-$80,000 per year
  • Role: Oversees multiple Cold Stone stores, ensuring they meet company standards, managing store managers, and driving overall performance.
  1. Marketing Coordinator

  • Age Requirement: 21+
  • Qualification: Bachelor’s degree in marketing or related field; experience in social media, advertising, or promotions.
  • Typical Pay: $35,000-$45,000 per year
  • Role: Manages and coordinates marketing campaigns, social media presence, and promotional activities for specific locations or the overall brand.
  1. Customer Service Representative

  • Age Requirement: 18+
  • Qualification: Good communication skills, experience in customer service.
  • Typical Pay: $10-$15 per hour
  • Role: Assists customers with inquiries, complaints, or feedback through phone, email, or social media channels.
  1. Franchise Business Consultant

  • Age Requirement: 25+
  • Qualification: Bachelor’s degree in business, experience in franchise management.
  • Typical Pay: $50,000-$70,000 per year
  • Role: Supports franchise owners, helps implement corporate strategies, analyzes franchise performance, and ensures brand consistency.
  1. Warehouse Associate

  • Age Requirement: 18+
  • Qualification: High school diploma or equivalent, ability to perform physical labor.
  • Typical Pay: $12-$16 per hour
  • Role: Responsible for inventory management, shipping, receiving, and maintaining organization within the warehouse.
  1. Corporate Office Roles

Various positions in HR, Finance, Legal, etc.

  • Age Requirement: Varies
  • Qualification: Depends on the specific role; degrees and experience relevant to the field required.
  • Typical Pay: Varies
  • Role: These positions support the overall functioning and strategic planning of Cold Stone Creamery as a corporation.
  1. Event Caterer

  • Age Requirement: 18+
  • Qualification: Experience in catering or event planning.
  • Typical Pay: $12-$18 per hour
  • Role: Manages and serves Cold Stone products at special events, including parties, corporate functions, and festivals.
  1. Maintenance Technician

  • Age Requirement: 18+
  • Qualification: Technical skills, experience in equipment maintenance.
  • Typical Pay: $15-$20 per hour
  • Role: Maintains and repairs equipment and facilities, ensuring everything runs smoothly and complies with safety standards.

Cold Stone Creamery offers a wide range of employment opportunities, from in-store roles to corporate positions. Whether you are interested in creative, technical, managerial, or customer-focused positions, there’s a place for various talents at Cold Stone. By providing different career paths and fostering a positive work environment, Cold Stone continues to be a desirable workplace for many.

Cold Stone Opportunities: A Global Ice Cream Adventure

Cold Stone Creamery’s presence isn’t just limited to the United States; it has a footprint in various countries across the globe. This international reach creates opportunities not only for local applicants but also for international applicants and immigrants. Let’s explore what this means and what opportunities are available:

A World of Flavors: International Locations

Cold Stone has franchises in several countries, from Canada to Japan, the United Arab Emirates, and beyond. These international locations may offer unique employment opportunities tailored to local laws, cultures, and preferences.

Opportunities for Immigrants in the U.S.

For immigrants looking for work at Cold Stone in the United States, there are several positions available, ranging from entry-level to management roles. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Visa Requirements: Depending on the country of origin, visa requirements may apply. Cold Stone can provide assistance in understanding these requirements for eligible positions.
  2. Language Skills: While English proficiency might be necessary for certain roles, many stores appreciate multilingual skills, particularly if they serve diverse communities.
  3. Recognition of Qualifications: Some positions might require verification or recognition of international qualifications. Assistance with this process may be provided depending on the specific role.

International Applicants: Working Abroad with Cold Stone

If you reside in one country and are interested in working for Cold Stone in another, there might be options for you, too. Here’s what you might consider:

  1. Understanding Local Employment Laws: Each country’s employment laws differ, so understanding the specific requirements of the country you wish to work in is crucial.
  2. Applying through Local Franchises: Cold Stone’s international locations often handle their hiring. Therefore, reaching out to the specific franchise in the country of interest is a wise first step.

Building a Career: Growth and Development

Cold Stone’s international presence also offers growth opportunities. Employees might have the chance to work in different locations, learning about various markets, cultures, and business practices.

A Scoop of Global Opportunities

Cold Stone Creamery’s commitment to inclusivity and diversity extends beyond flavors and creations; it also translates to its workforce. International applicants and immigrants can find a home at Cold Stone, where they can contribute their unique skills and perspectives. With a willingness to embrace different cultures and a desire to create joyful experiences, Cold Stone serves up opportunities that are as delightful as the ice cream they create. Whether you’re starting a new chapter in a new country or looking to expand your horizons across borders, Cold Stone might have the perfect scoop for you.

Does Cold Stone Hire without Experience?

Yes, Cold Stone Creamery does hire without experience for certain entry-level positions, such as scoopers or crew members. The company values qualities like enthusiasm, a strong work ethic, and a willingness to learn, which can sometimes matter more than previous job experience. Training is usually provided to new hires, allowing them to quickly grasp the skills needed for their role. However, positions with more responsibilities, such as management roles, may require prior experience in a similar field.

Does Cold Stone Hire without a High School Diploma?

Cold Stone Creamery recognizes that not all talented individuals have completed their high school education. Therefore, some positions, especially those at the entry-level, may not require a high school diploma. Applicants without a diploma can still apply for roles like scooper, where the focus is on customer interaction and basic tasks. However, for roles that demand more responsibilities or specialized skills, having a high school diploma or equivalent might be a requirement.

Benefits of Working at Cold Stone

Benefits of Working at Cold Stone

Working at Cold Stone Creamery offers a range of benefits that contribute to a positive and fulfilling work experience. Whether you’re scooping ice cream or managing a store, you’ll find perks that extend beyond the tasty treats. Here are some key benefits of working at Cold Stone:

A Fun and Friendly Environment

Cold Stone is known for its energetic and vibrant atmosphere. Employees often enjoy the creativity involved in making unique ice cream creations and engaging with customers.

Competitive Pay and Incentives

Along with offering competitive hourly wages or salaries, some locations may provide performance-based incentives and bonuses, rewarding employees for their hard work and dedication.

Flexible Work Hours

Understanding the need for a work-life balance, especially for students and part-time workers, Cold Stone often offers flexible scheduling, allowing employees to juggle their responsibilities outside of work.

Opportunities for Growth and Advancement

From entry-level positions to management roles, Cold Stone provides opportunities for career growth within the company. Internal promotions, training, and mentorship programs support employees in reaching their career goals.

Employee Discounts

Who doesn’t love ice cream? Cold Stone employees often benefit from discounts on the products, enabling them to enjoy their favorite flavors at a reduced cost.

Community Engagement

Many Cold Stone Creamery locations actively participate in community events and charitable activities. Employees can become part of these initiatives, contributing positively to their local communities.

Health Benefits and Retirement Plans

For eligible full-time employees, Cold Stone may offer health insurance, dental and vision coverage, and retirement savings plans, contributing to the long-term well-being of its workforce.

Training and Skill Development

Cold Stone is committed to helping its employees grow by offering comprehensive training programs. These programs not only help newcomers learn the ropes but also enable existing employees to develop new skills.

The benefits of working at Cold Stone are not just confined to financial incentives. The company fosters a culture that encourages creativity, teamwork, community engagement, and personal growth. It’s these qualities that make working at Cold Stone an attractive prospect for many job seekers, providing a workplace that values its employees and recognizes their contributions.

How to Apply for a Job at Cold Stone

  1. Identify the Position: Look for open positions that match your qualifications and interests on the Cold Stone Creamery website or local store postings.
  2. Complete the Application: You can apply online through their official website or in person by obtaining a physical application form at a local store.
  3. Prepare Your Resume: Tailor your resume to highlight relevant experience and skills.
  4. Submit the Application: Follow the instructions to submit your application online or return it to the store.
  5. Follow Up: If you don’t hear back within a week or two, consider following up with the store or location where you applied.

What to Expect During the Interview?

  1. Initial Screening: You may have a preliminary phone interview before an in-person interview.
  2. Dress Appropriately: Wear business casual attire to present yourself professionally.
  3. Typical Questions: Expect questions about your customer service experience, how you handle stressful situations, why you want to work at Cold Stone, and scenarios involving teamwork or problem-solving.
  4. Ask Questions: Prepare some questions about the job, company culture, or anything else you’d like to know.
  5. Thank You Note: After the interview, consider sending a thank-you note or email expressing your gratitude for the opportunity to interview.

How to Get a Job at Cold Stone?

  1. Understand the Role: Clearly understand the responsibilities and requirements of the position you’re applying for.
  2. Show Enthusiasm: Cold Stone values a positive attitude, so show your passion for the brand and the products.
  3. Highlight Relevant Skills: Emphasize your customer service skills, teamwork abilities, or other relevant skills.
  4. Prepare for the Interview: Practice answers to potential interview questions, research the company, and present yourself confidently.
  5. Build Connections: If possible, network with current or former employees who can provide insights and possibly refer you.
  6. Stay Persistent: If you don’t succeed initially, consider applying to other locations or positions.

Working Hours: What to Expect

Cold Stone Creamery’s working hours can vary depending on the location, position, and time of year. Here’s a general breakdown:

  1. Store Hours: Most Cold Stone locations operate between 11:00 AM and 10:00 PM, with extended hours on weekends and holidays.
  2. Full-Time vs. Part-Time: Full-time employees may expect a typical 35-40 hour workweek, while part-time staff may work anywhere from 10-30 hours per week.
  3. Flexible Scheduling: Many Cold Stone stores offer flexibility in scheduling, accommodating students’ schedules, second jobs, or other personal commitments.
  4. Seasonal Variations: Expect busier times during summer months and holidays, which may require additional working hours.
  5. Overtime: Depending on the position and location, overtime may be available or required during peak seasons.

Retirement Age: A Sweet Farewell

Cold Stone Creamery does not have a specific mandatory retirement age for its employees, and retirement considerations will likely align with personal preferences and applicable laws within the country of employment. Here’s what you might consider:

  1. Eligibility for Retirement Benefits: If applicable, understanding when you become eligible for retirement benefits, such as a 401(k) plan in the U.S., can be vital in planning your retirement.
  2. Transition to Part-Time: Some retirees choose to continue working part-time, enjoying the social interaction and staying engaged without the full-time commitment.
  3. Succession Planning: For those in management or specialized roles, working with the company to ensure a smooth transition may be part of the retirement planning process.
  4. Personal Considerations: Factors such as financial readiness, health, and personal goals will play a crucial role in determining the appropriate retirement age.


Can I Customize My Uniform at Cold Stone?

Cold Stone Creamery generally requires employees to wear a specific uniform. Customizations or personal touches should align with the store’s guidelines while maintaining a professional appearance.

Are There Opportunities for Franchise Ownership?

Yes, Cold Stone Creamery offers franchise opportunities. Detailed information and requirements can be found on their official website.

Does Cold Stone Offer Internships or Co-op Programs?

Some Cold Stone locations might offer internship or co-op opportunities in areas like management, marketing, or product development. Contact the specific location or corporate headquarters for details.

What’s Cold Stone’s Policy on Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility?

Cold Stone Creamery has various initiatives focused on sustainability and environmental stewardship. Consult with a specific store or the corporate website for precise information.

How Does Cold Stone Accommodate Employees with Disabilities?

Cold Stone Creamery adheres to applicable laws regarding accommodation for employees with disabilities. Discuss your specific needs during the application or interview process.

Can I Transfer Between Different Cold Stone Locations?

Transfers between different Cold Stone locations depend on factors like availability, qualifications, and store needs. Talk to your current manager and the manager at the desired location to explore this possibility.

What’s the Policy on Employee Creativity with Ice Cream Creations?

Cold Stone encourages creativity among employees for experimenting and suggesting new ice cream combinations. However, creations must align with company guidelines and standards.

Alternative Companies to Consider

If you’re considering a career in the ice cream or dessert industry but want to explore alternatives to Cold Stone Creamery, there are plenty of other companies that may suit your interests and career goals. Here are some alternative companies to consider:

  • Baskin-Robbins: Known for its “31 flavors,” Baskin-Robbins offers a variety of roles in ice cream retail, from scooping to management.
  • Dairy Queen: With a blend of ice cream treats and fast food, Dairy Queen can provide diverse experiences for those interested in both sweet treats and savory eats.
  • Haagen-Dazs: If you’re interested in working with premium ice cream, Haagen-Dazs may be an attractive option, with opportunities in their branded shops and corporate offices.
  • Ben & Jerry’s: With a strong commitment to social responsibility, Ben & Jerry’s offers a unique working environment for those aligned with their ethical values.
  • Gelato Fiasco: Specializing in artisanal gelato, Gelato Fiasco could be an ideal fit if you’re drawn to hand-crafted, gourmet frozen desserts.
  • Rita’s Italian Ice: For those interested in expanding beyond traditional ice cream, Rita’s offers a mix of Italian ice, frozen custard, and unique combinations.
  • Menchies Frozen Yogurt: If frozen yogurt is more your style, Menchies offers opportunities in a fun, self-serve environment.
  • Smoothie King: Focusing on healthy and delicious smoothies, Smoothie King can be an excellent option for those interested in a blend of wellness and tasty treats.
  • Krispy Kreme: If you want to branch out into the world of doughnuts, Krispy Kreme offers roles in both retail and production of their famous glazed delights.
  • Starbucks: Known primarily for coffee, Starbucks also offers an array of desserts and pastries, providing opportunities for baristas and management roles in a globally recognized brand.
  • Godiva Chocolatier: For those with a love for chocolate, Godiva provides luxurious opportunities to work with fine chocolates and confections.

Exploring opportunities with these alternative companies can open doors to new career paths and experiences. Whether you’re drawn to artisanal creations, ethical commitments, or unique flavor combinations, there’s likely a company in the ice cream and dessert industry that aligns with your passions and skills.

What it’s Like to Work at Cold Stone

Conclusion: A Scoop of Opportunity

Cold Stone offers more than just ice cream; it offers a chance to be part of a sweet and exciting career. With varying Cold Stone age requirements and opportunities for growth, there’s a place for nearly everyone at Cold Stone. Why not scoop up the opportunity today?



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