Cracking the Code: CVS Age Requirement Demystified

CVS Age Requirement

Everyone who’s ever set foot in a CVS store knows that it’s more than just a pharmacy. It’s a go-to place for everyday needs. You might even be considering working there. But what is the CVS age requirement for employees?

CVS Employment: How Old Must You Be?

The majority of CVS stores require you to be at least 16 years old before you can work there. However, the age requirement can vary by state, and in some places, you need to be 18. So, before applying, it’s always a good idea to check the specific laws in your area.

On Boarding the Young Brigade: CVS’s Stance on Hiring Younger Teens

Does CVS Hire 13-Year-Olds?

As a general rule, CVS does not hire 13-year-olds. This is mainly due to child labor laws, which typically don’t permit children under 14 to work.

What About 14-Year-Olds?

Once again, CVS usually does not hire 14-year-olds. However, certain states, like Alaska, allow young people to start working at this age under specific conditions.

Do 15-Year-Olds Stand a Chance?

The answer leans towards no, but it’s not an absolute no. In some states, such as New Hampshire, CVS can hire 15-year-olds for certain roles, provided they have a work permit.

Can 16-Year-Olds Work at CVS?

Yes, they can! CVS typically hires 16-year-olds for various entry-level positions, including cashier and stocking roles.

What About 17-Year-Olds?

Indeed, 17-year-olds can also find work opportunities at CVS. At this age, a wider range of roles may become available depending on the individual’s skills and qualifications.

Does CVS Hire 50-Year-Olds?

Absolutely! CVS adheres to a strict policy against age discrimination and happily employs individuals who are 50 and older.

Unraveling the Details: Other CVS Hiring Requirements

Apart from the CVS age requirement, there are other criteria that prospective employees must meet. Here’s a closer look at what CVS typically looks for in its employees:


While a high school diploma or equivalent is not always required, especially for entry-level positions, it can certainly help. Positions such as pharmacy technician or management roles typically require more advanced education.

Work Permit

For teenagers under 18, a valid work permit is generally necessary. The rules regarding work permits can vary from state to state, so it’s essential to check your local requirements.


While not always necessary, having previous work experience, particularly in retail or customer service, can be advantageous.


CVS often looks for employees who have flexible availability, including weekends, evenings, and sometimes even holidays.


Customer service skills are key at CVS, regardless of your role. Being friendly, helpful, and able to handle difficult situations are important qualities for any prospective employee.

Physical Requirements

Depending on the role, there may be certain physical requirements. For example, stock associates may need to lift heavy items, and cashiers may need to stand for long periods.

Remember, while these are general requirements, they can vary depending on the specific role and location. Always check the job listing carefully before applying to ensure you meet all the necessary qualifications.

Nailing the Hiring Process & Qualifications

CVS Pharmacy

CVS’s hiring process typically involves an online application, followed by in-person interviews. Qualifications for different roles vary significantly.

Hotspots for CVS Teen Hiring

The top five cities where CVS is known to hire teens include New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, and Phoenix.

Does CVS Hire without Experience or High School Diploma?

Yes, CVS does hire individuals without prior work experience or a high school diploma for certain positions.

Unveiling the Perks of Working at CVS

There are several reasons why individuals choose to work at CVS. The company provides numerous perks that extend far beyond a typical paycheck. Let’s explore some of these benefits.

Competitive Pay

CVS offers competitive wages that often stand above the federal minimum wage, and the rate can increase depending on the employee’s role, experience, and location.

Flexible Schedules

CVS is known for offering flexible work schedules. This flexibility makes it a great place to work for students, people with secondary jobs, or anyone who needs to balance work with personal obligations.

Opportunities for Advancement

Employees at CVS have numerous opportunities for career growth. The company offers various training and development programs, allowing individuals to learn new skills, grow in their current roles, or even advance to higher positions.

Employee Discounts

CVS employees receive a store discount, which can come in handy when shopping for everyday essentials.

Health Benefits

Full-time employees at CVS are eligible for a wide range of health benefits, including medical, dental, and vision insurance.

Retirement Plans

CVS offers retirement planning options, like 401(k) plans, helping employees plan for a secure future.

Paid Time Off

CVS provides paid time off for full-time employees. This includes vacation days, holidays, and sick days.

Getting Your Foot in the Door: Applying for a Job at CVS

Applying for a job at CVS is straightforward. You can apply either in-store or online.

Nail the CVS Job Interview

So, you’ve met the CVS age requirement, you’ve applied, and now you’ve landed an interview. Congratulations! Now, let’s discuss how you can nail that CVS job interview.

Prepare Ahead of Time

Take the time to learn about CVS — its values, mission, and the specific role you’re applying for. This knowledge will not only help you answer questions during the interview but also show the interviewer that you’re serious about the job.

Showcase Your Customer Service Skills

CVS is all about providing excellent customer service. Highlight any experiences where you’ve provided great service, and make sure to emphasize your communication skills.

Discuss Your Availability

Having a flexible schedule can be a big plus in retail jobs like those at CVS. If you’re available to work during peak hours, including weekends and holidays, be sure to mention it.

Have Questions Ready

Having questions to ask your interviewer not only helps you learn more about the job, but it also shows that you’re engaged and interested. You might ask about training opportunities, a typical workday, or how the company measures success.

Maintain a Positive Attitude

Retail work can be challenging, but maintaining a positive attitude is key. Show that you’re not only capable of handling stress but that you can do it with a smile on your face.

Remember, each CVS interview may differ depending on the role and the interviewer. However, these general tips can guide you towards making a positive impression and potentially landing the job.

The Inside Scoop: How to Get a Job at CVS?

Having a positive attitude, being dependable, and showcasing a customer-first approach can increase your chances of landing a job at CVS.

Work-Life Balance: CVS’s Working Hours

Consumer Value Store Pharmacy

CVS store hours can vary by location, but most stores operate from early morning to late night, offering flexible shift options.

The Golden Years: CVS’s Stance on Retirement

CVS respects the decision of employees who wish to retire, with no specific mandated retirement age.

Clarifying Doubts: Frequently Asked Questions About Working at CVS

1. Do I Need Previous Retail Experience to Work at CVS?

While previous retail experience can be beneficial, it’s not always required, especially for entry-level positions. CVS values qualities like strong customer service skills, a positive attitude, and willingness to learn.

2. How Often Do CVS Employees Get Paid?

CVS employees are paid on a bi-weekly basis. However, payment schedules may vary depending on specific state laws or employment terms.

3. Can I Work at CVS and Another Pharmacy at the Same Time?

This depends on CVS’s conflict of interest policy. While it may be possible, it’s always best to disclose any potential conflicts of interest to your employer upfront.

4. Are There Uniform Requirements for CVS Employees?

Yes, CVS employees are typically required to wear a company-provided uniform. This usually includes a CVS shirt and name tag. Employees should appear neat, clean, and professional.

5. Can I Transfer to Another CVS Store?

CVS typically allows employees to transfer to different stores, provided there are open positions and you’re in good standing. However, the specifics may depend on company policy, store needs, and other factors.

Branching Out: Other Companies to Consider

CVS is undoubtedly a great place to work, especially for those starting their career journey. But it’s not the only company that offers fantastic opportunities. If you’re exploring your options, here are some alternative companies worth considering:

1. Walgreens

Walgreens, like CVS, is a renowned pharmacy chain that also hires teenagers for various positions. It provides a range of job opportunities from cashier roles to pharmacy tech positions, offering competitive pay and comprehensive benefits.

2. Rite Aid

Rite Aid is another well-known pharmacy chain that offers numerous job opportunities. It also provides a range of positions and a supportive work environment, making it an excellent alternative to CVS.

3. Target

Target isn’t just a pharmacy, but a full-scale department store. Nevertheless, it does have pharmacies in many locations and hires teens for a variety of roles, including cashier, stocker, and sales floor team member.

4. Walmart

Walmart, one of the world’s largest retailers, provides ample job opportunities for both experienced professionals and beginners. They offer positions in various sectors, including their in-store pharmacies.

5. Kroger

Kroger operates a chain of supermarkets, some of which include pharmacies. They offer diverse job opportunities, a friendly work environment, and room for growth.

In Summary

Regardless of your age, CVS offers a wealth of job opportunities for those seeking employment. Remember, it’s not just about meeting the CVS age requirement. It’s about showcasing your skills, dedication, and commitment to providing excellent customer service.



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