Understanding Five Guys’ Age Requirement for Employment

Five Guys is a renowned fast-food chain known for its mouthwatering burgers and fries. Founded in 1985 by the Murrell family, the brand has seen exponential growth and has become a favorite dining spot for many around the globe. But if you’re considering joining their team, you might wonder about their age requirements.

Five Guys' Age Requirement for Employment

Age Requirement: How Old Do You Need to Be?

When considering a job, especially for teenagers, one of the first questions is, “Am I old enough?” At Five Guys, the minimum age requirement for employment is generally 16 years old. This age restriction ensures that the brand stays compliant with labor laws while providing opportunities for young individuals to gain work experience.

Why Does Age Matter?

Age requirements exist to protect young workers, a standard seen in many establishments like panda express or popeyes. Employment laws are set to ensure that underage workers aren’t exploited, and that they’re not put in potentially hazardous work environments. For Five Guys, these requirements ensure that every employee, regardless of age, can safely and efficiently handle their responsibilities.

What Positions Are Available for Young Workers?

Though 16 is the minimum age to work at Five Guys, the positions available might vary based on your age. Common positions for young workers include: Crew Member and Cook. Similar entry-level roles can also be found at places like ihop or wingstop, offering young individuals diverse work experiences.:

  • Crew Member: Handling orders, managing the cash register, and basic customer service.
  • Cook: Preparing the delicious meals that Five Guys is known for.

Remember, while these positions might be entry-level, they offer valuable experience that can be beneficial for future endeavors.

Are There Any Exceptions?

Certain locations or states might have specific labor laws that override the general age requirement set by Five Guys. So, while the standard age is 16, you should always check local regulations or directly consult the specific Five Guys outlet you’re eyeing.

Benefits of Working at a Young Age

Embarking on a work journey at a young age has its perks. You:

  • Develop a strong work ethic.
  • Gain invaluable experience in customer service.
  • Understand the value of money and responsibility.
  • Build teamwork and communication skills.

Five Guys recognizes these benefits and offers a supportive environment for young individuals to kickstart their professional journey.

Concerns You Might Have

Starting a job, especially your first one, can be nerve-wracking. Common concerns include:

  • Balancing School and Work: Most establishments, including Five Guys, understand this challenge. They often offer flexible schedules for student workers.
  • Handling Difficult Customers: Every job has its challenging moments. But with proper training and a supportive team, you’ll be equipped to handle them with grace.
  • Learning Curve: Everyone starts somewhere, right? With patience and dedication, you’ll become a pro in no time.


Working at a brand like Five Guys can be a stepping stone to greater opportunities. The age requirement ensures a balance between offering job opportunities and ensuring the well-being of young workers. So, if you’re 16 or above and are eager to embark on a journey of learning and growth, why not give Five Guys a shot? Your future self might thank you!

Five Guys’ Age Requirement for Employment: FAQs

1. Can I work at Five Guys if I’m 15 with a work permit?

While the general age requirement at Five Guys is 16, some states allow 15-year-olds to work with specific work permits. It’s best to check with your local Five Guys branch and state laws.

2. Are there age requirements for management roles at Five Guys?

Typically, management positions like shift leader or general manager require candidates to be 18 years old or older due to increased responsibilities and longer working hours.

3. Do I need previous work experience to get hired at Five Guys?

For entry-level roles, no previous experience is generally required. Five Guys provides training to ensure every employee is prepared.

4. How many hours can minors work at Five Guys?

The number of hours minors can work often depends on state labor laws. Most laws have restrictions on school nights, weekend hours, and total weekly hours for minors.

5. Does Five Guys offer part-time roles for students?

Absolutely! Five Guys often hires students for part-time roles, understanding the importance of balancing school and work.

6. How do I apply for a job at Five Guys?

You can visit the official Five Guys website or walk into a local branch to fill out an application. Remember to indicate your age to ensure you’re matched with suitable positions.

7. What’s the pay rate for young workers at Five Guys?

The pay rate can vary based on location, state minimum wage laws, and individual experience. Generally, entry-level workers can expect to earn around the minimum wage, with potential raises based on performance.

8. Do young employees at Five Guys get meal discounts?

Many Five Guys locations offer employee discounts, which can be a tasty perk for burger enthusiasts. It’s best to ask during your interview or orientation about any available benefits.

9. Can I be promoted if I start working at Five Guys at 16?

Certainly! Many employees who start at entry-level positions work their way up. With dedication, hard work, and a willingness to learn, there’s potential for growth within the company.

10. How can I prepare for my interview at Five Guys?

Research the brand, practice common interview questions, and come with a positive attitude. While specific job experiences might not be necessary, showcasing your eagerness to learn and be a team player can set you apart.



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