Nordstrom Age Requirement: Unlocking Career Path Mysteries

When you think of luxury retail, what’s the first name that pops up in your mind? For many, it’s Nordstrom. With its elegant displays and high-end fashion collections, it’s no wonder why many aspiring retail professionals dream of working there. But before you prepare your CV or practice your best catwalk for the interview room, let’s dive into an essential criterion that Nordstrom is pretty particular about: age. Knowing the Nordstrom age requirement can be the difference between a warm welcome and a polite, “Please come back later!” Ready to unravel this mystery?

How Old Do You Have to Be to Work at Nordstrom?

Nordstrom Age Requirement

13 Years Young: Can You Join the Nordstrom Family?

Unfortunately, Nordstrom doesn’t usually entertain applications from 13-year-olds. Hang in there; your time will come!

At 14: Is There a Window of Opportunity?

Occasionally, some regions might open doors for 14-year-olds, but these are rare exceptions. Best to research your locality.

15 and Eager: Is Nordstrom Your Next Stop?

Some cities, notably Minneapolis, may entertain applications from 15-year-olds. Always cross-check with local labor laws first.

Sweet 16: A Nordstrom Employee in the Making?

Turning 16 is exciting! Especially when Nordstrom starts considering you for their entry-level roles. Hope’s on the horizon.

Stepping into 17: A World of Opportunities? Nordstrom Age Requirement

Absolutely! Age 17 brings more roles within your reach at Nordstrom. Your career journey is about to get exciting!

Fabulous at 50: Is It Too Late?

No age is too late! At 50, Nordstrom appreciates your rich life and work experiences.

The Graceful 60s: What’s Nordstrom’s Verdict?

60 and still got the flair? Nordstrom agrees! They believe in skill over age, always.

Unveiling Nordstrom’s Dream Roles: Where Do You Fit In?

Nordstrom Job positions

Navigating the fashion frontier requires a dynamic team. From the chic sales floor to the bustling back end, Nordstrom offers a world of opportunities. Ready to discover where your talents might shine brightest? Dive into some of the coveted positions that Nordstrom has on offer!

Sales Associate

  • Nordstrom Age Requirement: Generally, 16+.
  • Qualification: High school diploma or equivalent, though this can vary by location.
  • Typical Pay: Around $12 – $20/hour, varying by region and experience.
  • Role: Assist customers, manage product displays, handle transactions.

Beauty Consultant

  • Age: Usually 18+.
  • Qualification: High school diploma and knowledge of beauty products.
  • Typical Pay: $12 – $18/hour plus potential commissions.
  • Role: Advise customers on beauty products, give demonstrations, manage inventory.

Department Manager

  • Age: Generally, 21+.
  • Qualification: Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience in retail.
  • Typical Pay: $50,000 – $70,000/year, based on experience and location.
  • Role: Oversee department operations, manage staff, handle customer concerns.


  • Age: Typically 21+.
  • Qualification: Bachelor’s degree in fashion, business, or related field.
  • Typical Pay: $70,000 – $100,000/year, depending on experience and responsibilities.
  • Role: Select merchandise for stores, negotiate with suppliers, predict market trends.

Loss Prevention Specialist

  • Nordstrom Age Requirement: 18+.
  • Qualification: High school diploma and experience in security or loss prevention.
  • Typical Pay: $15 – $25/hour, based on location and experience.
  • Role: Monitor surveillance, prevent theft, and handle security concerns.

Customer Service Representative

  • Age: 18+.
  • Qualification: High school diploma and good communication skills.
  • Typical Pay: $13 – $20/hour.
  • Role: Handle customer inquiries, manage complaints, and ensure customer satisfaction.

Visual Merchandiser

  • Age: Typically 18+.
  • Qualification: Some post-secondary education in fashion or design can be beneficial.
  • Typical Pay: $15 – $25/hour, varying based on experience.
  • Role: Design and implement store layouts and displays to enhance product visibility and appeal.

Personal Stylist

  • Age: 18+.
  • Qualification: A keen fashion sense and often some formal training or experience in fashion.
  • Typical Pay: Can vary widely based on commissions – roughly $15 – $30/hour plus commissions.
  • Role: Assist customers in selecting outfits and accessories tailored to individual tastes and needs.

Inventory Specialist

  • Age: 18+.
  • Qualification: High school diploma, familiarity with inventory software can be a plus.
  • Typical Pay: $13 – $20/hour.
  • Role: Manage and organize store inventory, conduct stock checks, and coordinate with sales teams.

Alterations Specialist

  • Age: 18+.
  • Qualification: Proficiency in tailoring and alterations, formal training can be a plus.
  • Typical Pay: $15 – $30/hour, based on expertise.
  • Role: Modify clothing items per customer requests, handle sewing, and fit adjustments.

e-Commerce Specialist

  • Nordstrom Age Requirement: 21+.
  • Qualification: Bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, or a related field.
  • Typical Pay: $40,000 – $80,000/year, depending on role specifics.
  • Role: Manage online product listings, coordinate digital promotions, and monitor online sales metrics.

Human Resources Coordinator

  • Age: 21+.
  • Qualification: Bachelor’s degree in human resources or related field.
  • Typical Pay: $40,000 – $65,000/year.
  • Role: Manage staff recruitment, training, employee relations, and HR-related queries.

Marketing Coordinator

  • Age: 21+.
  • Qualification: Bachelor’s degree in marketing, business, or related field.
  • Typical Pay: $45,000 – $70,000/year.
  • Role: Plan and execute marketing campaigns, coordinate with ad agencies, and analyze campaign results.

Shoe Specialist

  • Age: Typically 18+.
  • Qualification: High school diploma and a love for shoes.
  • Typical Pay: $12 – $25/hour, often with commissions.
  • Role: Assist customers in finding the perfect shoe, manage shoe inventory, and displays.

Cafe Server (in Nordstrom’s in-house cafes)

  • Age: 18+.
  • Qualification: High school diploma; prior experience can be a plus.
  • Typical Pay: $10 – $15/hour, plus tips.
  • Role: Serve food and beverages to customers, ensure cleanliness, and provide top-notch customer service.

Supply Chain Associate

  • Age: 18+.
  • Qualification: High school diploma; familiarity with logistics can be beneficial.
  • Typical Pay: $14 – $22/hour.
  • Role: Oversee the movement of products from suppliers to stores, ensuring timely and efficient delivery.

Corporate Communications Specialist

  • Age: 21+.
  • Qualification: Bachelor’s degree in communications, journalism, or related fields.
  • Typical Pay: $50,000 – $80,000/year.
  • Role: Manage internal and external communications, press releases, and company messaging.

Digital Analyst

  • Nordstrom Age Requirement: 21+.
  • Qualification: Bachelor’s degree in analytics, business, or related fields.
  • Typical Pay: $60,000 – $90,000/year.
  • Role: Analyze online traffic, sales data, and customer behavior to optimize the online shopping experience.

Event Coordinator

  • Age: 21+.
  • Qualification: Bachelor’s degree in marketing, business, or event management.
  • Typical Pay: $45,000 – $70,000/year.
  • Role: Organize, manage, and promote in-store events, product launches, and special promotions.

Facilities Manager

  • Age: 21+.
  • Qualification: Degree in business management or related field; experience in facilities management.
  • Typical Pay: $50,000 – $100,000/year, based on store size and location.
  • Role: Oversee store maintenance, safety protocols, and ensure a pleasant shopping environment.

IT Specialist

  • Age: 21+.
  • Qualification: Degree in IT, computer science, or related fields.
  • Typical Pay: $55,000 – $85,000/year.
  • Role: Manage and troubleshoot technology infrastructure, including POS systems, servers, and employee devices.

Talent Acquisition Specialist

  • Age: 21+.
  • Qualification: Bachelor’s degree in HR or related fields.
  • Typical Pay: $50,000 – $75,000/year.
  • Role: Identify, recruit, and hire top talent for various roles across the company.

Diverse Dreams: Nordstrom’s Gateway for Global Talents

Nordstrom, being a global brand with an expansive reach, not only showcases a variety of products from around the world but also appreciates the diverse talent pool that different cultures bring to the table. International applicants and immigrants might wonder: “Is Nordstrom the place for me?” Let’s explore the opportunities available for those hailing from shores afar.

Visa Sponsorship Programs

Nordstrom, in certain roles and circumstances, might offer visa sponsorship for exceptionally talented individuals. While these opportunities are typically for higher-level or specialized roles, it demonstrates the company’s commitment to harnessing global talent.

Diverse Hiring Initiatives

Recognizing the value of diverse perspectives, Nordstrom often participates in hiring initiatives that cater to immigrants and international applicants. This might include job fairs, partnerships with international schools, or collaboration with immigrant support organizations.

Cultural Inclusivity Training

For immigrants joining the Nordstrom team, the company frequently offers cultural inclusivity training sessions. This ensures that all team members are equipped to understand, appreciate, and collaborate across diverse cultural backgrounds.

Language Assistance Programs

Recognizing that language can be a barrier for some international applicants, Nordstrom provides language assistance programs in select locations. This can include language training sessions, interpretation services, or bilingual hiring processes.

Relocation Assistance

For certain roles, especially at the managerial or corporate level, Nordstrom may offer relocation assistance to international hires. This can range from financial support to logistical assistance, ensuring a smooth transition to your new job and country.

Jumping in Without Experience?

Yes, Nordstrom often hires individuals without prior work experience, especially for entry-level positions like Sales Associates or Stock Clerks. What’s more important to them is your enthusiasm, dedication to customer service, and the drive to learn and grow. A genuine interest in fashion and retail can also give you an edge, even if you haven’t had a formal job in the industry.

No High School Diploma? No Problem!

While many roles at Nordstrom do require a high school diploma or equivalent, there are exceptions based on the position and location. Some in-store roles might prioritize on-the-job training, personality fit, and customer service skills over formal education. However, always make sure to check specific job listings and requirements. The key is to showcase your strengths, passion, and willingness to contribute to the team.

Stepping into Style: The Perks of Being Part of the Nordstrom Family

Benefits of working at Nordstrom

When we talk about Nordstrom, it’s not just about the glitz and glamour of the fashion world. Beneath the shimmering store lights lies a host of benefits awaiting every employee. Whether you’re in love with fashion or just seeking a workplace that values its employees, here’s a taste of what being with Nordstrom has in store for you:

Competitive Pay Packages

At Nordstrom, employees often enjoy above-average salaries, and many roles come with commission structures that let you boost your earnings based on performance.

Fashionable Discounts

Ever dreamt of owning that stylish outfit at a fraction of its price? Nordstrom employees often enjoy substantial discounts on store merchandise, making it easier to keep up with the latest trends.

Health and Wellness

Your well-being matters. Nordstrom offers comprehensive medical, dental, and vision coverage. Plus, many locations have wellness programs and even fitness discounts to keep you in top shape.

Retirement and Financial Planning

Planning for the future? Nordstrom provides a competitive 401(k) plan with company matching, ensuring you’re financially secure in your golden years.

Work-Life Balance

Flexibility is key. Whether it’s accommodating schedules or providing paid time off, Nordstrom understands the importance of balancing work with personal life.

Professional Growth

Aiming for the stars? Nordstrom offers numerous training programs, workshops, and opportunities for advancement, ensuring you always have a path to climb higher in your career.

Inclusive Environment

Diversity and inclusion aren’t just buzzwords here. Nordstrom is committed to creating an environment where every individual, regardless of background, feels valued and can thrive.

Employee Assistance Program

Life can throw curveballs, and Nordstrom gets that. Through their Employee Assistance Program, staff have access to resources and support for personal or work-related challenges.

Your Catwalk to Nordstrom: Navigating the Application Process

Nordstrom isn’t just a retail giant; it’s a fashion phenomenon. And if you’re eager to be part of this grand show, here’s your backstage pass to landing that dream role at Nordstrom.

Stepping Up to the Application Stage

  1. Online Portal: Start by heading to Nordstrom’s careers website. Here, you can filter job openings by location, department, and role.
  2. Profile Creation: Make your mark by creating a profile. This is where you’ll upload your resume, fill in your details, and highlight your experience.
  3. Application Submission: Once you’ve found a role that matches your aspirations, submit your application. Ensure every detail reflects your passion and suitability for the position.

Shining in the Spotlight: The Interview Phase

  1. Preparation: Like any star, preparation is key. Familiarize yourself with Nordstrom’s history, values, and the specifics of the role you’re vying for.
  2. Dress to Impress: Remember, this is Nordstrom. Wearing appropriate attire that leans towards the fashionable side can make a memorable first impression.
  3. Expect Behavior-Based Questions: Nordstrom often focuses on situational and behavior-based questions to gauge how you’d handle specific scenarios.
  4. Open Dialogue: Be prepared for a two-way conversation. They want to know about you, but they’re also open to answering any questions you have about the role or company.

Securing Your Spot on the Nordstrom Stage

  1. Follow Up: A post-interview ‘thank you’ email can leave a lasting positive impression. It reflects your keen interest and professionalism.
  2. Show Flexibility: Sometimes, Nordstrom might consider you for a role slightly different from what you applied for. Stay open; it could be an even better fit!
  3. Embrace Feedback: If for some reason, you don’t bag the role, don’t be disheartened. Sometimes, feedback can provide insights that prepare you for the next big opportunity.

Setting Your Style Schedule: Working Hours

Nordstrom’s working hours vary based on several factors:

  1. Store Hours: Most Nordstrom locations operate between 10:00 AM and 9:00 PM on weekdays. However, weekend hours might be slightly shorter, with most stores opening around 11:00 AM and closing around 7:00 PM.
  2. Position & Department: Your specific role can influence your hours. Sales associates typically work during store hours, while stock personnel might start earlier or finish later.
  3. Special Events & Sales: During Nordstrom’s famous Anniversary Sale or holiday seasons, expect extended hours to accommodate the shopping rush.
  4. Part-time vs. Full-time: Nordstrom offers both part-time and full-time positions, so your hours can vary based on your employment status.

Walking Towards the Sunset: Nordstrom’s Take on Retirement

While Nordstrom doesn’t have a mandatory retirement age—because talent knows no age!—there are certain perks waiting for those who decide it’s time to hang up their retail hats:

  1. 401(k) Plans: As mentioned earlier, Nordstrom provides robust 401(k) plans with company matching, ensuring a comfortable nest egg for employees as they think about retirement.
  2. Transition Programs: Some locations offer transition programs or seminars for employees considering retirement, helping them adjust to this new chapter in their lives.
  3. Beyond Retirement: Even after retirement, many Nordstrom retirees stay connected through alumni events or part-time opportunities. The bond with Nordstrom doesn’t just fade away with retirement!

Nordstrom Age Requirement FAQs: Clearing Up Common Queries

Nordstrom, with its rich history and commitment to exceptional service, often attracts individuals of various age groups looking to be part of the magic. While we’ve covered several facets of working at Nordstrom, there still are age-related queries that arise quite frequently. Let’s address some of those burning questions:

  1. Can I Intern at Nordstrom While Still in High School?

While many of Nordstrom’s internships target college students, there are certain locations and programs designed for proactive high schoolers eager for a taste of the retail world. Always best to check their official careers page for the most up-to-date opportunities.

  1. Is There an Upper Age Limit for Management Roles at Nordstrom?

Nordstrom values experience, leadership, and dedication, regardless of age. So, no, there isn’t an upper age limit. If you bring the right skills and mindset to the table, age won’t stand in your way.

  1. Do Younger Employees Get Opportunities for Rapid Advancement?

Age doesn’t restrict growth at Nordstrom. If you demonstrate exceptional skills, a strong work ethic, and a passion for your role, you can certainly climb the ladder quickly, regardless of how young you might be.

  1. I’m Considering a Mid-Life Career Shift. Is Nordstrom Age-Friendly?

Absolutely! Nordstrom appreciates the diverse experiences that individuals from different backgrounds and age groups bring. A mid-life career shift can bring valuable insights from other industries, and Nordstrom recognizes that.

  1. Are There Specific Training Programs for Older Employees New to Retail?

Nordstrom provides comprehensive training for all its new hires. While not exclusively tailored for older employees, these programs ensure that individuals of all ages can thrive in their roles, even if they’re new to retail.

  1. Does Nordstrom Offer Flexible Schedules for Students?

Yes! Nordstrom understands the demands of education. They often accommodate students with flexible schedules to ensure a healthy balance between work and studies.

  1. Are Senior Citizens Offered Part-Time Roles?

Absolutely. Nordstrom values the depth of experience senior citizens bring, and many enjoy part-time roles, especially in customer service positions where their wisdom is an asset.

  1. How Does Nordstrom Cater to Young Adults with No Retail Background?

Nordstrom offers robust training and onboarding programs, ensuring that young adults, even without a retail background, can seamlessly fit in and grow.

  1. Do Age Differences Impact Team Dynamics?

Nordstrom fosters an inclusive environment. Here, diverse age groups often lead to richer team dynamics, blending fresh perspectives with seasoned insights.

  1. Are There Mentorship Programs for Younger Employees?

Yes, younger employees often have access to mentorship programs, allowing them to learn from experienced colleagues and fast-track their career growth.

  1. Is There a Different Hiring Process for Teenagers?

While the core values remain the same, teenagers might experience a more role-specific process, focusing on their adaptability, enthusiasm, and potential more than extensive experience.

  1. How Does Nordstrom Handle Age Diversity Training?

Nordstrom provides regular diversity and inclusion training sessions, ensuring that employees across all age groups understand and respect the value of age diversity.

  1. Are There Age-Specific Benefits?

While core benefits remain consistent, some benefits, like retirement plans or health considerations, might be tailored based on age brackets to ensure relevance.

  1. Do Older Employees Have Opportunities for Lateral Shifts?

Certainly! Nordstrom recognizes that with age, one might seek different challenges. Opportunities for lateral shifts are available for those looking to explore new departments or roles.

  1. How Does Nordstrom Support Employees Nearing Retirement?

Besides financial planning and 401(k) benefits, Nordstrom offers counseling, transition seminars, and even part-time roles for those contemplating retirement.

  1. Can College Students Work During Breaks Only?

Yes, Nordstrom often hires college students for seasonal roles, especially during peak shopping periods like holidays or the Anniversary Sale.

  1. Are There Age-Based Networks or Groups Within Nordstrom?

Nordstrom boasts various employee networks and groups, some of which cater to specific age demographics, fostering community and support.

  1. Is Age a Factor in Promotion Decisions?

No, promotions at Nordstrom are based on performance, skills, and potential, not age.

  1. How Does Nordstrom Ensure Equal Pay Across Ages?

Nordstrom is committed to fair pay practices. Compensation is based on the role, experience, and performance, rather than age.

  1. Do Younger Managers Receive Training to Lead Older Teams?

Absolutely. Leadership training at Nordstrom equips managers of all ages with the skills needed to lead diverse teams effectively, ensuring harmony and productivity.

  1. Are There Special Programs for Young Talent Recognition?

Yes, Nordstrom has talent recognition initiatives that spotlight and nurture young stars showcasing exceptional promise and performance.

  1. How does Nordstrom Cater to Career Comeback Professionals?

Understanding the value of varied experiences, Nordstrom welcomes those making a career comeback, providing them with reorientation sessions to get them up to speed.

  1. Does Nordstrom Offer Sabbaticals or Career Breaks?

While primarily dependent on specific roles and situations, Nordstrom does entertain sabbatical requests, acknowledging the value of long-term rejuvenation.

  1. Are There Special Initiatives for Mid-Career Professionals?

Absolutely. Nordstrom runs targeted programs focused on continuous learning and growth for mid-career professionals, ensuring they stay updated and engaged.

  1. How Flexible is Nordstrom with Parental Leaves?

Nordstrom offers comprehensive parental leave policies, ensuring that new parents, irrespective of age, can relish their early moments with their children.

  1. Does Age Influence Opportunities for International Roles?

Not at all! Nordstrom evaluates candidates for international roles based on skills, experience, and cultural fit rather than age.

  1. Are There Age-Related Health Programs or Initiatives?

Yes, Nordstrom has health and wellness initiatives tailored for various age groups, understanding that health priorities evolve with age.

  1. Does Nordstrom Offer Post-Retirement Consulting or Part-Time Roles?

Certainly. Recognizing the value of experience, Nordstrom often engages retirees in consulting capacities or part-time roles that benefit from their vast knowledge.

  1. How Age-Diverse are Nordstrom’s In-House Training Programs?

Nordstrom’s training modules cater to all age groups, blending foundational learning with advanced insights to ensure everyone benefits.

  1. Are There Age-Specific Discounts or Benefits for Employees?

While core employee discounts are uniform, there might be age-tailored perks or offerings during certain events or initiatives.

  1. Does Nordstrom Facilitate Peer-to-Peer Learning Across Age Groups?

Yes, Nordstrom promotes a culture where employees, young and old, can learn from each other, capitalizing on the unique strengths each age group brings.

  1. How Prepared is Nordstrom for the Multi-Generational Workforce of the Future?

Committed to staying ahead, Nordstrom invests in research and strategies to seamlessly integrate a multi-generational workforce, ensuring harmony and productivity.

  1. Are There Age-Based Outreach or Recruitment Programs?

Nordstrom’s recruitment is holistic. While there might be outreach initiatives for specific roles, age is never the sole criteria.

  1. How Does Nordstrom Tackle Age-Based Bias or Discrimination?

Nordstrom holds firm anti-discrimination policies. Regular sensitization sessions ensure that age-based biases are curbed, fostering a respectful workspace.

  1. Are There Special Health Insurance Plans for Older Employees?

While the core health benefits remain consistent, Nordstrom does consider additional health provisions for its senior employees, in line with their specific needs.

  1. Does Nordstrom Collaborate with Schools for Young Talent Acquisition?

Yes, Nordstrom often partners with schools and colleges, offering internship programs and first-job opportunities to budding professionals.

  1. Are There Age-Specific Social or Networking Events?

While Nordstrom promotes inclusive events, they do occasionally host age-specific networking sessions, recognizing the unique bonding that can happen within peer groups.

  1. How Do Age Dynamics Play in the Remote Work Scenario?

Nordstrom ensures that remote work policies and tools cater to all age groups, providing training and support wherever needed.

  1. Do Older Employees Have Access to Technology Training?

Absolutely. Nordstrom ensures that all employees, irrespective of age, are comfortable with the tech tools needed for their roles.

  1. Does Nordstrom Consider Age While Designing Employee Feedback Mechanisms?

While the core feedback principles are consistent, Nordstrom does factor in age-related preferences in communication styles, ensuring everyone’s comfort.

  1. Does Nordstrom Organize Age-Targeted Career Fairs?

While Nordstrom participates in various career fairs, their focus is on role-specific talents rather than age. However, they do sometimes collaborate with institutions that may have age-specific audiences.

  1. Are There Age-Driven Mentorship Pairs?

Nordstrom believes in diversified mentorship, where younger employees can learn from veterans and vice-versa, championing the idea of reverse mentoring.

  1. How is Nordstrom’s Feedback Mechanism Designed for Young Entrants?

Understanding the evolving mindset of younger employees, Nordstrom’s feedback for them is constructive, regular, and aimed at rapid professional growth.

  1. How Does Nordstrom Aid Employees Transitioning to Retirement?

Nordstrom offers seminars, financial planning sessions, and counseling to help those nearing retirement, ensuring a smooth and well-informed transition.

  1. Are Age-Based Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) a Thing at Nordstrom?

While Nordstrom does have various ERGs, they’re more centered around interests, backgrounds, and identities rather than specifically age.

  1. How Do Seasonal Job Offerings Vary with Age?

Seasonal job offerings at Nordstrom are more about the role and the seasonal demand rather than age. Whether it’s holiday rush or summer sales, age isn’t a limiting factor.

  1. Does Nordstrom Facilitate Age-Based Learning Cohorts?

While learning at Nordstrom is inclusive, they do sometimes form cohorts based on experience levels, which can occasionally correlate with age, to ensure tailored learning experiences.

  1. How are Leadership Programs at Nordstrom Tailored for Different Ages?

Nordstrom’s leadership programs are designed based on skills and potential. While not age-specific, they ensure that participants, regardless of age, find value and growth opportunities.

  1. Does Age Influence Remote vs. In-Store Job Assignments?

No. The decision between remote and in-store roles is primarily based on the nature of the job, individual preference, and experience rather than age.

  1. How Does Nordstrom Ensure Age Inclusivity in its Advertising and Marketing?

Nordstrom’s marketing campaigns often celebrate age diversity, showcasing models and stories from various age brackets to resonate with their broad customer base.

Beyond Nordstrom: Exploring More Fashion Frontiers

If you’re smitten by the world of retail, particularly fashion, Nordstrom isn’t your only stop. There’s a plethora of other companies, each with its unique charm and career opportunities. Let’s glance over a few alternatives that you might want to consider on your job-seeking journey.

  1. Macy’s

A staple in American shopping culture, Macy’s offers a mix of luxury and affordable products. Its department store legacy provides various roles, from sales to management.

  1. Bloomingdale’s

As a member of the Macy’s Inc. family, Bloomingdale’s is synonymous with upscale shopping. It’s a haven for luxury brand enthusiasts looking to build a career in high-end retail.

  1. Neiman Marcus

Want to dwell in the world of luxury? Neiman Marcus might be your calling. With a focus on upscale products, it’s a playground for those with a penchant for elegance.

  1. Saks Fifth Avenue

Another gem in the luxury retail landscape, Saks offers a plethora of brands and has a significant online presence, ideal for those looking to merge fashion with digital strategies.

  1. J.C. Penney

A household name, J.C. Penney provides a blend of affordability and style. Its widespread presence ensures varied job roles across different regions.

  1. Dillard’s

Operating primarily in the southern US, Dillard’s offers an assortment of brands and price ranges. It’s a great choice for those seeking opportunities in regional retail management.

  1. Kohl’s

A leader in the mid-priced department store niche, Kohl’s is known for its promotions and Kohl’s Cash. It’s a dynamic environment for marketing and sales enthusiasts.

  1. T.J. Maxx

Part of the larger TJX Companies, T.J. Maxx is all about discount fashion. It’s perfect for individuals interested in fast-paced retail environments with a constant influx of varied products.

  1. Zara

For lovers of fast fashion, Zara, under the Inditex umbrella, is a game-changer. Its swift adaptation to fashion trends makes it an exhilarating space for budding designers and marketers.

  1. H&M

Another giant in the fast-fashion segment, H&M offers trendy styles at affordable prices. Its global presence ensures diverse job opportunities across cultures and regions.

What it’s Like to Work at Nordstrom


Whether you’re a teen just starting out or someone with decades of experience, Nordstrom offers diverse opportunities. Always keep updated with their official guidelines and remember, passion for the role goes a long way!



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