The Ultimate Guide to Topgolf Age Requirements

Age requirements are stipulated by venues to ensure participants are physically and mentally prepared for certain activities. For establishments like Topgolf, these criteria ensure that guests have a safe and enjoyable experience. Think of it this way: you wouldn’t want your 7-year-old trying to swing a golf club in a crowded space without guidelines, right?

Topgolf Age Requirements

So, How Old Do You Have To Be?

At Topgolf, anyone can play! However, age guidelines exist for safety and enjoyment:


Generally, those under 18 need adult supervision, especially during peak times. This concept is similar to other activities such as Horse Riding Lessons where age guidelines are in place for safety.

Late Nights:

After certain hours, such as 9 PM or 10 PM, Topgolf might require guests to be 21+. This can vary by location due to local regulations and the venue’s own policies.

Why These Age Requirements Make Sense

Age guidelines at Topgolf:

  1. Ensure Safety: Particularly important with golf clubs in motion and balls flying, much like the safety concerns addressed in Paragliding and Hang Gliding.
  2. Maintain Atmosphere: Late-night hours cater to a more mature audience.
  3. Follow Local Laws: Adherence to age restrictions, especially around alcohol consumption, is a must.

What if I’m Planning a Family Day Out?

No worries! Here’s your game plan:

  • Daytime Fun: Earlier hours are more family-friendly, similar to daytime hours at Theme Parks.
  • Junior Clubs: Many Topgolf venues offer clubs for younger players.
  • Safety First: Keep an eye on youngsters to maintain a safe environment for all.

What About Celebrating Special Occasions?

Considering a birthday or graduation party at Topgolf?

  • Private Spaces: Topgolf often has event spaces for private bookings.
  • Check in Advance: Speak to your local venue about any age-related concerns or arrangements.

I’m Still Uncertain. How Can I Be Sure?

When in doubt:

  1. Visit the Official Website: Topgolf’s site has details on their policies.
  2. Call Ahead: A phone call to the nearest venue can provide clarity.
  3. Respect the Rules: Once informed, always adhere to the guidelines for a smooth experience.

In Conclusion

Topgolf is a blend of sports, fun, and camaraderie. Age requirements are in place to ensure everyone, from kids to adults, can relish the experience safely and suitably. Whether you’re with family, friends, or celebrating an event, understanding these age guidelines is the first step to an unforgettable Topgolf outing!

Topgolf Age Requirements: FAQs

  1. Can children under a certain age play for free at Topgolf?
    While Topgolf welcomes golfers of all ages, they typically do not offer free plays based on age. Pricing is often based on the rental of the bay, not per player. However, promotions and offers can vary by location.
  2. Are there specific junior leagues or programs for younger players?
    Yes, Topgolf often offers junior programs or leagues tailored to younger players. These provide a fun, interactive environment for kids to learn and enjoy the game.
  3. Is there a minimum age requirement for Topgolf’s golf lessons?
    Topgolf offers lessons for a wide range of ages, including kids. It’s best to check with the specific location for age details and availability.
  4. Are there any age restrictions for Topgolf’s events and tournaments?
    Some events and tournaments might have age restrictions or age-specific categories. Details will be provided during the event announcement or registration process.
  5. Do adult supervisors need to pay even if they’re not playing?
    At Topgolf, the charge is typically for the bay rental and not per person. Adults supervising minors won’t need to pay an extra fee just for supervision.
  6. Are there age-specific times or days at Topgolf for younger players?
    While there aren’t specific times reserved solely for kids, daytime hours are generally more family-friendly. It’s always a good idea to check with the venue if they have any recommended times.
  7. Do they offer age-appropriate equipment, like lighter clubs?
    Yes, many Topgolf locations provide junior clubs suitable for younger players.
  8. Is there an age requirement to sign up for a Topgolf membership?
    While Topgolf memberships are available to all, minors might require parental consent. Check the terms and conditions when signing up.
  9. Are there age restrictions for the arcade or other non-golf games at Topgolf?
    While Topgolf is primarily known for its golfing experience, some venues may offer arcade games. Restrictions, if any, will typically focus on safety and suitability for the game in question.
  10. Can kids have their birthday parties at Topgolf?
    Absolutely! Topgolf is a popular venue for birthday parties, including those for kids. They often have packages and event coordinators to help plan the perfect celebration. However, it’s essential to discuss any age-related considerations in advance.
  11. Do minors need a parent or guardian present to register for a Topgolf membership or card?
    While minors can play at Topgolf, some locations might require parental or guardian consent for membership registration or to obtain a player card.
  12. If I’m hosting a teen event at Topgolf, do I need a ratio of adults to supervise?
    The requirement varies by location, but for safety and supervision, having a reasonable adult-to-teen ratio is always recommended, especially for larger groups.
  13. Are there any age discounts, like senior or student rates?
    While Topgolf occasionally offers promotions or discounts, it’s best to check with the specific venue about any age-related discounts they might provide.
  14. How old does one need to be to work at Topgolf?
    The minimum age for employment at Topgolf can vary depending on the position and location, but many positions require individuals to be at least 18.
  15. Are there age-specific clinics or training programs at Topgolf?
    Yes, some Topgolf locations offer clinics and training tailored to specific age groups, helping them learn the basics and improve their game.
  16. Does Topgolf offer a kids’ menu at their dining venues?
    Yes, most Topgolf venues have a kids’ menu, ensuring younger guests have age-appropriate and tasty meal options.
  17. Are there restrictions for minors when it comes to the rooftop terrace or lounge areas?
    Some areas within Topgolf, especially those serving alcohol, may have age restrictions, especially during evening hours.
  18. Can kids participate in league play?
    While many leagues are designed for adults, some Topgolf locations might offer junior leagues or allow younger players to participate with adult supervision.
  19. Are there specific safety guidelines or dress codes for minors?
    Safety is paramount at Topgolf. While there isn’t a strict dress code, it’s essential for players, including minors, to wear appropriate attire for swinging a golf club. Closed-toe shoes are often recommended.
  20. Can I drop off my teenagers at Topgolf and pick them up later, or do I need to stay with them?
    It’s recommended that if your teenagers are under a certain age, typically 18, an adult should be present with them during their time at Topgolf.
  21. Is there a separate waiting area for minors if they’re waiting for a bay to be available?
    Most Topgolf locations have a communal waiting area suitable for guests of all ages. It’s always wise, however, to stay with minors while waiting.
  22. Are there age-related restrictions for the use of virtual games or simulators at Topgolf venues?
    While there’s no strict age limit for virtual games, younger players may find some games challenging. It’s always a good idea to ensure they’re suitable for the child’s age and skill level.
  23. Do certain Topgolf events, like concerts or special screenings, have age restrictions?
    Special events might come with their own set of age guidelines, especially if they cater to a particular audience or if alcohol is involved.
  24. Can minors participate in the Topgolf tour events?
    The Topgolf tour events are generally geared towards adult participants, but specific age requirements or permissions can vary by event.
  25. Are there age limits for the Topgolf Swing Suite experiences?
    The Swing Suite experience is generally open to all ages, but, as always, minors should be accompanied by an adult for guidance and safety.
  26. Do all Topgolf venues have the same age policies?
    While Topgolf venues have a standard set of guidelines, specific age-related policies can vary based on local regulations and the discretion of individual venue management.
  27. How does Topgolf ensure the safety of minors during peak times?
    Safety is a top priority for Topgolf. Staff is trained to monitor bays and common areas, and guidelines are in place to maintain a safe environment for all guests.
  28. Are there any specific times when minors are not allowed in the venue, aside from late nights?
    Late nights are the primary time when age restrictions might apply. However, special events or private bookings might also influence access for minors.
  29. If a minor is part of a league or training program, can parents watch or participate?
    Absolutely. Parents are encouraged to be involved, whether they’re cheering from the sidelines or actively participating alongside their child.
  30. Can minors use the Topgolf app, and are there any age-related features or restrictions?
    While the Topgolf app is designed for all enthusiasts, features requiring personal information or transactions may need parental oversight or consent.
  31. Is there a designated play area for younger children at Topgolf venues?
    While Topgolf primarily focuses on golf, not all venues have play areas for younger children. It’s best to check with individual locations for any child-friendly amenities.
  32. Are there age restrictions for Topgolf gift card purchases or usage?
    There’s no age limit to purchase or use a Topgolf gift card. However, when it comes to booking experiences that may have age restrictions, standard guidelines will apply.
  33. If my child is attending a friend’s birthday party at Topgolf, do I need to sign a waiver or give consent?
    In some instances, especially where activities are involved, Topgolf might require a parental consent form or waiver. Always confirm with the host or the venue.
  34. How does Topgolf accommodate young players with special needs or disabilities?
    Topgolf strives to provide an inclusive experience for all. Many venues are equipped to accommodate guests with special needs. Communicate any requirements ahead of time to ensure a positive experience.
  35. Do age restrictions change during holiday seasons or special public events?
    Generally, standard age guidelines apply year-round. However, during specific events or holidays, there may be altered timings or guidelines to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all guests.
  36. If I’m hosting a mixed-age group event, how does Topgolf cater to both adults and kids?
    Topgolf venues are adept at managing mixed-age group events. They offer a blend of activities and menus to cater to all age groups, ensuring everyone has a memorable time.
  37. Do younger kids need to undergo a basic safety or game tutorial before playing?
    While not mandatory, it’s recommended for younger players. Topgolf staff can provide a brief overview of the game and safety guidelines to ensure a smooth experience.
  38. Are there age-specific tournaments for kids and teens at Topgolf?
    Yes, some Topgolf venues host tournaments designed specifically for younger players. Check with your local venue for upcoming events.
  39. How does Topgolf handle lost children or separated family members within the venue?
    Safety is paramount. Topgolf staff are trained to manage such situations promptly. They’ll initiate protocols to ensure the child is safe and reunited with their guardians as quickly as possible.
  40. Can teens host their graduation or prom parties at Topgolf?
    Certainly! Topgolf is a popular venue for various events, including teen parties. As always, it’s wise to discuss any age-related guidelines or requirements with the venue when planning.
  41. Are there specific dressing guidelines for minors at Topgolf venues?
    There isn’t a strict dress code for minors, but comfortable attire suitable for golfing is advised. Closed-toe shoes are commonly recommended for safety.
  42. Can minors avail of coaching sessions independently, or do they need an accompanying adult?
    Minors can typically avail coaching sessions on their own, but it’s always reassuring for them to have an adult nearby, especially for first-timers.
  43. Are there any family packages that cater to both adults and kids?
    Topgolf occasionally offers family packages or deals that cater to both adults and kids, making it an affordable outing for families. Specifics can vary by location.
  44. Does Topgolf have age-specific merchandise or apparel?
    Yes, many Topgolf venues offer merchandise suitable for all ages, including apparel for kids and teens.
  45. Can parents or guardians reserve a bay in advance for their minor children?
    Certainly! Parents or guardians can reserve bays for their kids, ensuring they have a spot waiting when they arrive.
  46. Are there any restrictions for minors during live sports broadcast events at Topgolf?
    General age guidelines apply, but during significant sports events, the atmosphere might be more adult-oriented, especially in the evening.
  47. How does Topgolf manage age verification, especially for areas serving alcohol?
    Topgolf staff are trained to request identification when necessary, ensuring that alcohol isn’t served to underage individuals.
  48. Does Topgolf have partnerships with schools or junior golf organizations for events or training?
    Some Topgolf locations collaborate with local schools or junior golf associations for events, training, or community outreach programs.
  49. Can children participate in the Toptracer Range technology, and are there age-specific games?
    Yes, children can experience the Toptracer Range technology, and while most games are universal, some might be more suitable or enjoyable for younger players.
  50. Are there any loyalty or reward programs for young golf enthusiasts at Topgolf?
    Topgolf does offer loyalty programs, and while they’re not exclusively age-specific, they’re open to all, ensuring young golf enthusiasts can also benefit.



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